Monday, August 24, 2009

Here Goes Nothing!

So after spending an amazing afternoon with my best friend before I left out of state for my second year of college and watching the motion picture Julie & Julia I decided to start a blog! With some encouraging from the movie and my best friend Rachel. This is my first time trying anything like this, and I'm not going to lie! I'm a bit nervous! but hopefully this blog will evolve into something more than my rambling on the computer. Maybe it will become a porthole to my friends and love who I miss so much in the 505.
Today was my first day of Sophomore year of college at Humboldt State University and so I am a bit tired as I had class from nine in the morning to nine at night (not straight through luckily). It was a rather depressing day as I was informed of the severity of the budget cuts here in California and am a bit disturbed as I am paying 20% more tuition for about 10% less of an education. Perhaps on a happier day I will write more, but as I don't want to be a Debbie downer I will leave this first post short and, well, not quite sweet, but short lol. I Will try and write again tomorrow when my schedule is much less intensive and I will get a chance to go shopping for real food!
So until my next blogging adventure good night! and good luck!